Greetings from the past

When our archive was moved to Cologne, the officer in charge took a fresh look at some of its contents. He shared a picture from an autograph book with a greeting and signature from Commissioner Frederick Booth-Tucker and his wife Mary. It made me curious as to what else the book might contain.

As I hold it in my hand and open it, the first page is strangely familiar. There is a drawing of the Swedish flag and two quotes in Swedish written by Johan Ögrim and his wife Kirstine. He was a Commissioner and led The Salvation Army in Germany between 1919-1925, just after the First World War.

The book gives no clue as to whom it belonged, but it is obvious that it was an artistic person. Most pages are decorated with an already-drawn picture and a space for a greeting.

Here follows a few photos of pages with names that are well known in Salvation Army history and a few that just look pretty. (To enlarge the pictures, click on them.)

The opening page: Commissioner Johan Ögrim writes in December 1921, with a verse referring to Christmas. Mrs Ögrim writes in April (I think) the following year and quotes a well known song by August Storm. Each line in the verses of the song begins with the word “Thank you”

Mary Booth-Tucker: “Without God we cannot succeed. With God we cannot fail.” Frederick Booth-Tucker: “Souls, souls to win my one desire, – more love, more zeal, more flaming fire!”

W. Bramwell Booth (eldest son of William and Catherine Booth): The Love Law of God – by this we live! Hallelujah. Florence Booth: “Laß mich… (if anyone can interpret the writing, please share it in a comment)…zu dir singen” With the help,of friend: “Jesus, let me bring the lost to you.”

Edward Higgins: “Strength of character is developed on life’s rugged paths. Don’t be frightened of them.” This was written during a visit to Berlin 1922 when he was the Chief of the Staff. He became the first elected General of the International Salvation Army and served from 1929-1934. Catherine Higgins: “Then shall we know if we follow on, to know the Lord.”

There are two pages with greetings from members of the West Indies Singing Party on tour in Europe, March 1926.

Celestine Oliphant

J. Allister Smith Smith (Col.)

Franz Stankuweit. He was the Territorial leader of Germany from 1934-1940. A. Stankuweit

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