Handing over the baton

Below are the thoughts I shared before the sermon at my installation meeting in Hannover 27th August.

DSCF4224 (2)

Myself and Lieutenant Tabea Cole

I think there is a lesson from God in this fact, that a newly commissioned Lieutenant is going to translate a newly installed Territorial Leader.

We will serve together, sharing God’s word with you.

It is a picture of the times we are in when it comes to leadership in The Salvation Army in Europe.

It is like the handing over of the baton in a 4×100 m relay race. There is a crucial moment in that race: the handing over.

During that limited stretch both the one ending his/her race and the one taking over are holding the baton.

One mustn’t let go too soon or too late.

One of the most important roles for leadership groups is to identify and train those who will take over and complete the race that the Church has to accomplish until Jesus comes again.

Don’t just leave the baton behind and ‘hope’ someone will pick it up.

Don’t try to run the next 100 m yourself if someone else is ready to do it.

Make sure you prepare the next generation for leadership.

Make sure you invite them to come alongside you for a while, during which time you depend on each other but still have your individual responsibilities.

stafett (2)

Statue outside the Stadium in Stockholm.

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