Understanding Euromaidan, Ukraine

This blog is in English because I want to highlight a very helpful article by a Ukrainian journalist.

I never knew or bothered much about Ukraine and its people until January 2006 when I arrived there as Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army in Ukraine. I lived there for five years and got to love the people and the country. I also came into an important understanding that democracy (i.e. people in the country having ownership of and influence over their common life), as I know it from Northen Europe, is a rare culture for a few countries in the world which has developed over centuries. While Eastern Europe (and many other countries) have an autocratic culture where the head of the ‘clan’ is ruling. That might work fairly well for a country if you have a wise, fair, listening and still responsible ruler who loves his people more than himself.

So, there are reasons for me to take an interest in Ukraine and also see the bigger picture, how this is relevant for the rest of Europe. Their present difficulties seem small compared to Syria, the Arab Spring countries, conflicts in Africa or Thailand for that matter. But it is also an opportunity to reflect on how vulnarable a healthy democracy (my country, your country) is when money is the motivation for the ruling class and poverty is the everyday struggle for the people.

Please read the article in the link below and ask yourself how you can do your part in your country by being involved; wheather through a Church, political party, children- and youth movements or other NGOs.


Pray for Ukraine

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