Continuing the covenant life (Toronto final)

On this, the final day, we shared the Bible studies on an important subject. One Army – In Covenant. That is a relationship that is needed in order to stay together even when we part and go in different direction.

I think most of us in the group felt strongly about the important difference between a covenant with God and a contract. The trustful, loving and gracefilled relationship I have with God in both my soldiers and officers covenant is so important. He has given his all to me and I belong to him, unreservedly.

A contract is negotiated, limited in time, based on formal, legal wording and will probably be abandoned if one part is not doing good enough.

In the big conference hall we were presented with an impressive set of documents where all our suggestions were summarised under each subject for presentation. There were both the plans for action we would bring home and suggestions for IHQ. General Linda Bond and Chief of Staff Commissioner Barry Swanson then took in turn of giving a respons to the IHQ issues.

Then I had my big moment – being the officer of the day. It meant giving som information about the group photo and saying grace before lunch.

Our final meeting gave room for spontaneous testimonies and plenty of time for praying through the International vision. 45 minutes of prayer in “spirit and in truth” is a good norm.

The final message that the shepherd (the General) shared with the flock (not my wording) was about the meaning of the mercy seat. I am encouraged going home knowing that in the centre of all the places we meet in, is a place where we can share fellowship and approach the fullnes of God. His love and grace can renew and restore any livfe.

I will just have a short flight to New York for a weeks vacation. The leader of Papua New Guinea will leave tomorrow, Sunday and arrive on Wednesday. And on his way home he will lose a whole day in the calender. Where does that day go? It just evaporates!

It has been an amazing conference. No historic decisions as such. But it is God who writes our history as we continue to stay together as One Army with One Mission proclaming One Message.

This is the end of my English blog. Thank you for taking part.

2 responses to “Continuing the covenant life (Toronto final)

  1. Gerlinde Böttcher

    thanks for bothering to report. Have a nice week in New York!

  2. Thanks and blessings, beat

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