Not one without the other (Toronto 6)

Thursday morning at the conference means an early breakfast in order to be in time for the 7.30 worldwide prayer meeting. No gain without pain.

The simplicity of these prayer meetings makes it so profound. First a short reminder from General Linda Bond about Ezekiel 37 and particularly verse 9. We shall do what is our part – speak, proclaim the prophesy, the word of God. God will do what only he can do – fill the dead bodies with his Spirit.

Then, a song and prayers. We were asked to pray short, a few sentences. And, lo and behold, we did. Not long prayer sermons. The prayers were flowing one after the other as a constant trickle of living water. So empowering!

Our family-prayer group looked at One Army – In Fellowship. An old issue but still a challenge. What is true fellowship? The definition from Acts 4:32 stuck in my mind. “One in heart and mind.” Both heart and mind. Not one without the other.

First presentation was about evangelism and discipleship. It is both about reaching the neighbour you know and the unknown person at the open-air meeting. Perhaps the open-air of the internet as one said. I heard for the first time about from USA West. Specially designed to reach those who don’t know what believing in Jesus is all about.

I found the second subject of the day also very interesting. Leadership. How do we make sure that the Salvation Army in the world will continue to have officers who have competencies and experience to lead us to fulfil our mission?

Both in administration and field work. Leaders in senior positions who are both women and men and not at least married women. Leaders who are both extrovert and introvert. Leaders with less years as officers who take on greater responsibilitiesand as well as those with long experience. We can’t have one without the other.

With many different cultures in the world represented I think you can imagine we came up with many interesting possibilities and challenges.

Hearing about the qualities that are needed in good leadership it can scare the most brave person off. I found great encouragement in one of the last comments from a delegate. We need to learn to develop teams where we can “lean on each other”. We are not called to be lone ranger cowboys but shepherds living with the flock.

Having said that, I will soon lean my head on the pillow and rest in the fellowship of God’s Trinitarian team.

2 responses to “Not one without the other (Toronto 6)

  1. Christer Anderson, Lidköping vid Vänern, Sweden

    Bästa Marie!
    Vad bra och intressant att vi kan följa dagarna i Toronto – säkert kommer Du dela en hel del på hemmaplan.
    Lite upplysning: 1994 hade jag förmånen att besöka Niagarafallen i samband med hemresan
    från fotbollsVM i USA (brons för Sverige).

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