Face to face (Toronto 5)

This morning we sat face to face in our Spiritual Life group reading the Bible and sharing about the truth. One Army – In truth. Just like that, it looks very naïve. In my group alone we come from India, New Zealand, Australia, Uganda, Ghana, Argentina, Hong Kong and Sweden. What single truth can be relevant in all these cultures?

Naturally it all comes down to Jesus. But not just as statements in our doctrines but as Christ, the incarnation of God and, above all, through our relationship with him. A truth that constantly gives room for new revelations.

With the second day completed we are also settling into the rhythm of the format of the conference. That is very important. You don’t get development, exchange and interaction just because you put 130 people in the same room. The organisers have to provide a format that allows for and encourage involvement. That has truly been achieved in a good way. This is what happens.

Today’s first presentation was about teaching resources. A series of booklets is being prepared that will interact with video presentations. The name is One Army and each booklet will be on a subject like: In Christ, in calling, in covenant, in truth etc. There will also be a youth version.

After the presentation we go to our groups with some questions to discuss. And then, what happens? Often conferences are about agreeing on a recommendation. Not here. We discuss freely and share our ideas and opinions. The last bit of group-time we individually write down our conclusions.

Everyone gets a paper with just two questions. The first one is about what from this issue I plan to do something about in my own Territory. I find that a positive challenge. We are all senior leaders and it shall be within our capacity to understand the needs and possibilities of our countries. And I feel more ownership of issues that I have identified myself than to what was a compromised agreement in a large group.

The second question on the sheet is what we suggest International Headquarters shall do something about.

Then we all meet and there is testimony time. Anyone is free to share what we have written down on our papers. All papers are collected and the General and Chief of Staff will give a response to all the suggestions concerning IHQ (as far as they can) by the end of the conference.

That is face to face work – everyone facing up to the mandate that he/she has been given. The same procedure followed on the presentation of children and youth.

Today ended with a face to face meeting between partner Territories.Sweden and Norway are partners with Uganda, South Africa and India South West. We met, talked and found ideas of contributing to each others development.

This was yet another good day in my life. Thank you God.

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