Back in business (Toronto 4)

So, we are in business. We met for the first time in our eleven small groups. The spiritual life groups will be our home for the morning Bible studies and for discussions after the presentations of the papers.

We are actually test groups. We are using part of the material that is prepared as a resource for international publication. Themes are based on our international vision. Today we looked at One Army – In Christ. No problem in sharing insights, questions and prayers on that.

We are also a test group when it comes to singing a new song on the vision theme, written for the European Congress. Yesterday I had problem catching the tune. Today I have a problem getting it out of my head.

Today’s two main presentations got us off on a good start. First: Women, ministry and leadership – which concern the men too, of course. Facts, realism, opportunities, false excuses and realistic excuses – the whole spectra were there.

The second issue was self-denial and self support. An old friend! From testimonies shared and examples told I conclude that poverty is twofold. Naturally it is a challenge for those who lack basic funds. But poverty is even a worse tragedy for those who have a stable economy, confess Christ and yet do not trust and obey God in giving generously.

Bonus learning today, which happens when talking to whoever is next to me during a break, came from the Territorial Commander of Korea – through his interpreter. I mentioned to him how interesting it was to read an article in the Swedish War Cry about the Swedish pioneer missionaries to Korea. Their story was told in connection to the Korean centenary 2008. Several of the Swedish officers died out there because of the hard conditions.

Their present leader was very aware of this. And, said he, their way of honouring the Swedish missionaries is that they now go out to their neighbouring countries as missionaries. They have pioneered the work in Mongolia and are preparing to go into Cambodia. A soldier has felt the calling to go toCambodia. He has opened a guest house for students in the capital. He shares life with the students and practice his faith by morning prayers and Bible studies. Wow! That is sustainable mission work. Self funding and evangelizing in one.

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