The end of the beginning. (Toronto 3)

Sunday morning at the Conference – and we have our worship meeting. Before Commissioner Sue Swanson begins to lead the meeting she begins with inviting people from different countries to sing choruses.

An African woman begins and leads in the African way where everyone responds. Spontaneous harmonies. “Every day, every hour you are faithful o Lord.” It goes straight to my heart and out through my eyes. These are voices of people who has lived that truth through many sorrows, hardships and joys.

Then there is a chorus in Spanish, and in Korean, and other languages. We all close as with various tongues “He is Lord, he is Lord. He is risen from the dead and he is Lord. Every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” It is just so true right there.

At the lunch table new interesting conversations takes place and I learned new things. There are two corps on the MarshalI Islands, coral reefs somewhere out in the Ocean in the direction ofHawaii. One corps is called Laureen and one Rita. After Laureen Bacall and Rita Hayworth!!!! I just would love to see two corps in Sweden called Greta and Ingrid (Garbo and Bergman). We can have some fun fantasying about why these two film stars have been honoured in this way.

And then we were off to the Living Arts Centre (different from dying or dead arts centres) in Mississauga for the welcome meeting. Heartmoving music by the Canadian Staff Band. Singing by a Korean corps choir and a divisional Youth Chorus that inspired and moved us. And a truly Spirit filled message from General Linda Bond about an Army on fire, a mission of love and a message of grace. You can see it all on this link.

God does not repeat himself. But he can use the same music or prayer or preaching to say new things over and over again.

These two days has been the beginning before the Conference begins tomorrow. I have a feeling this is the “first” as in “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and…”. What comes then is really good.

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