In the beginning there was learning (Toronto 2)

I have learned a few things today about Canada. It is a huge country with long (often straight) roads. Houses have numbers over 7000, and I didn’t see the end of it.

I have learned that for transport they mainly travel by car, at least here in Meadowvale. The helpful man in the hotel showed me on a map where the shops are. He estimated it to a 20-30 minutes walk. It took me 50 minutes – one way. I enjoyed the walk as this was a day of resting and adapting to the time change.

In the evening we all met for the welcome dinner. At my table eight people shared experience from serving in 20 countries. You learn a lot talking to people like that! Later, I will talk more to a couple originally from Peru who were well acquainted with Swedish officers serving there previously. The fruit of good influence is constantly becoming visible.

We are 130 leaders representing 124 countries. Almost half of the group are in a conference like this for the first time. We learned (or had at least a good rehersal) a new song based on the international vision – One Army. One Mission. One Message.

From General Linda Bonds opening keynote address I lerned that the twelve priorities that specify the vision are, for the most part, based on the desires and visions shared by all the candidates for general at the 2011 High Council.

There will be a lot to learn about each other and God during this week. The opening meeting tonight ended with all leaders in prayer. On our knees. Declaring and confessing that we wait for God to come over us again. We know a lot. We are constantly learning.

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