Great expectations (Toronto 1)

Don’t expect a Dickensian novel in my English blog but my ambition is to be realistic.

I’m just about to start my first ever journey to an International Conference of Leaders. I will make my first ever visit to Canada,Toronto. The following week it will also be my first ever visit to New York, for vacation. (I have been to old York, though, in beautiful Yorkshire!)

At  this conference, Salvation Army leaders from all territories gather with senior leaders from International Headquarters. I have a sense of good, positive expectations. A relaxed feeling, coming from just being there and not having any preparations of my own to worry about.

I recognise this sense of excitement from previous occasions in life. The expectation of an open mind for new places and new people. Being curious of what the fellowship before God will lead to. Being expectant of a new touch, new insights and challenges through worship and sharing God’s Word.

I have the great privilege of being part of this through my work and ministry. But my understanding is also that we shall make an effort of planning this going-into-the-unknown experiences and make them a regular part of our lives. It doesn’t have to be a long journey or a big event. Just an opportunity where I seek God a bit deeper than before, open my mind a bit wider and make that little extra effort of priority, feeding my curiosity with good things from God. (Check out your neighbourhood for what is in the pipeline for you. Or why not book a trip to the European Congress in Prague in October?)

Expectation is an experience not yet fulfilled but it needs to be prepared with some facts. The items on the agenda for the Toronto conference looks very promising. Every morning there is a session of group Bible studies with the heading The Spiritual Life. Then there will be a morning and afternoon session with someone having a presentation, followed by discussions in small groups and then a plenary feed back and discussion.

The issues that will be presented are: Women , ministry and leadership; Self denial and self support; Teaching resources; Youth and children; The Niagara Falls (oops, that was a day outing. All for by acclamation. Approved!) Evangelism and discipleship; Leadership; The marginalized and Integrated mission.

My intention is to keep this blog updated, along with a Swedish version, with reflections on what the week will bring. I hope the Canadian Summer will not squeeze all energy out of me.

So, take off is pending. The sky is the limit. I wonder what food they will serve on the trip aross the Atlantic?

P.S. Having arrived I found that the conference Hotel is in the municipality of Mississauga. Mrs who? Mrs Saga!

One response to “Great expectations (Toronto 1)

  1. Welcome to Canada! Hope to see tomorrow at the welcome meeting!

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